When you were young life was easier, wasn’t it? As you grew older your mind became gradually disillusioned by negative external influences. When a new obstacle or growing pain arose, you stumbled and fell down several times. You didn’t become an artist, cosmonaut, ballerina and did not join the cricket legends circle. Eventually you decided you didn’t want to fall again.

You drink alcohol to numb your wounds, work late nights on purpose to avoid unresolved conflicts at home, and drink some more just to make yourself feel better again.
The world can be a difficult place.  You may experience suffering, heartbreak and loss.  These circumstances can take a toll on your happiness. Interestingly, some hurdles in life are too difficult to clear simply by adopting a positive mindset. Over the course of time, you made your lives harder and harder, and you started losing touch with who you really are and what you really need.
How would your life be different if you can get in touch with who you really are and find out what you really need?
Do you need to forgive someone?
Do you need to let go of a failed relationship?
Do you want financial success and stability?
Do you find yourself faced with solid, panicked, judgmental opposition?
Do you know what you need to do, but never have the courage to do it? 
Your actions controlled by your subconscious mind which is beyond your control. Your actions remain under limited control given the driving force behind every action.
Your mind is pure vibrating energy. It is an element (non-physical by nature) which conducts “thought” faster than the speed of light and retains all experience whether consciously addressed by the thinker or not. It can create substance from nothing. It contains the aura, or energy body and can project to other minds, and receive from them also.
The mind communicates in the language of feeling. It has a profound effect on the energy level of the physical body, which temporarily houses it, and has the capacity to heal its own physical house as well as that of others. It is often referred to as a Spark of the Divine or as a wave on the vast limitless ocean of the cosmic ever-present possibility of what is.
Your minds, due to their nature as a spark or wave of a much greater, infinite intelligence,  are capable of unbelievable things.

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